Sunday, August 26, 2012

Busy People

Mmmmm, this is an interesting Sunday. I am in running shorts and a tank top sucking on a cough drop and alternating between freezing to death and needing a blanket, and suddenly feeling like I'm on fire and tossing it off. I am indeed the carrier of the cold... at least, I hope that's all it is! It started up Friday night when I started to have a sore throat and just got worse since then. Yuck. Not how I like to spend my weekends.

I was warned by my coworkers at the daycare. Most of them said to take vitamins because they too got sick within a few weeks of beginning work. You cannot even imagine how many vehicles of germs there are in that one little building. I've worked with toddlers all of the past two weeks, and they have no concept of covering their face when sneezing or coughing. They let snot run all down their face and squirm and run away when you try to wipe it off, lest we actually look like we take care of them when their parents come to take them away. They put pretend plastic food in their mouths at their pretend cooking time, and then offer me a taste by trying to smash a shiny wet fake cookie between my lips. They are adorable and I really do pray over those little cuties as they run around that their futures would be great, but coughing up goo is the sacrifice one must make to be a part of their developing little lives. In short: I have an awesome job up here, no matter what!

We have been so busy lately up here in the Mitten. I didn't realize how much working even part-time would affect what our house looks like, haha. It was impeccable for our housewarming party last Saturday (HALLELUJAH!) but now is a disaster, with my tissues on the ground (GROSS!) and some laundry backup. Yikes. Someone please invite themselves over so we have an urgent need to get on the ball with household cleanliness. I am letting Martha Stewart down.

At least, in that respect. As for interior decorating, she should be proud -- we finished that monster map wall art and managed even the hardest part, hanging it up!

We were seriously on crack to make something so heavy before thinking about how to affix it to the wall. Good grief. We blew a decent bit of money trying out different wires, hooks, and buying a stud finder until we got it pretty doggone secure. Rest assured, house guests, it will not topple over and give you brain damage! It was all worth it when people kept telling us how awesome it looked at our housewarming party. :)

Speaking of that party, it was so much fun! Thanks to all our friends and fam that came to hang out with us! We ended up with so much food leftover that it was just silly, and were out by the bonfire till about two in the morning, but that's the sign of a good time, I think. I have to add that the honey brough from Uncle Mike and Aunt Nancy's bees -- yes, they really do have their own hives and everything! -- is soooooo good! I do love some good honey on my toast.

Other than that, it's just work, work, work, for us both. And for me this weekend, lots of "severe cold" medicine and tissues. I haven't gotten this sick in years. Thanks, little kiddos! 

Love, Lara

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