Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fun in the D

This morning I couldn't stop myself from going through all my travel photos. (I am employed and start work next week so this bit of Thursday laziness is okay by me! Just to justify my bum actions to myself... sigh.) I think the little map on Facebook caught my attention and had little pins on the places I've been, and it made me nostalgic about all the really cool things I have been able to do already in my lifetime.

I really am the most blessed, lucky girl in the world, in my opinion. I can't believe that at age 22 I've set foot in so many countries. I got to see Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower, hear Big Ben chime, cross Latinski Most (the bridge where Franz Ferdinaned was assassinated in Sarajevo), jump between boats in the Adriatic Sea in Croatia, and so much more. Even seeing the awesome things within the U.S. is so exciting! I rode the carousel in Central Park and wandered around Alcatraz, and put my hands in Marilyn Monroe's prints on Hollywood Boulevard. I really treasure experiences like those. If it came down to it, I'd sell most of my clothes and things if it meant I got more memories and tried so many new things.

I know it will be a while before Darin and I are able to "travel" again. We would love to go to the Balkans and visit my friends and be total tourists someday. I personally would love to go to Thailand and China and Tanzania but we will not get too far ahead of ourselves, ahaha. Luckily, I am getting more than my fill of new adventures while we are somewhat homebound for the time being!

Darin found out about a Mustache Day at the DIA in honor of a new Dali exhibit, so we went with some friends to enjoy some art... and then brewskis at the Motor City Brewery. I had me some Ghettoblaster for the first time, yum!

I promise someday, I will use a real camera and not be so Instagram-tastic. It's just so easy.

And then, for the next fun thing...

D totally surprised me yesterday by coming home with tickets to the Tigers vs. Yankees game! I was so excited -- I said that I was thinking I wanted to go for my birthday present this year. (I needed an occasion for my Verlander shirt!) Since the Tigers would mostly be away in September, Darin picked out some awesome seats and we had such a good time! I am learning things about sports. ;) We lost but it was a great game anyways. Plus I am a cheapskate gross girl and kept my cup as a souvenir. Whatever! I will start a Detroit weird souvenirs hoarding club.

Every day, I become more and more convinced that God knew what he was doing setting the two of us up and making it so that I would need to move up here for the beginning of our marriage. I really do love this place. Detroit has character that other cities don't have. There is history, former opulence, an all-American feeling, urban flavor, grittiness, and pride. Growing up in Florida, things are mostly too new for that. Our old things are Spanish forts and the winter homes of the famous people from up here. (Seriously -- Henry Ford's winter home was in Ft. Myers I think, haha.) It has a special place in my heart, but now, Detroit does too. I may live about 3 minutes outside the west city limit so it's pretty close. :)

Hopefully, one day, we will be adventuring overseas again, whether just for fun or specifically to share the gospel, but until then, I am thankful to have "smaller" adventures here in Michigan to tide me over!

Oh, and because I sort of mentioned it hit-and-run... I am indeed employed now! I am starting next week at a daycare! It is such a relief. I am starting part time so I am still looking around for other ways to fill that time and make some more bacon but it is better than alternating between going on a cleaning frenzy in our house and then lying around like a couch potato. Anyways, more stuff to come!

Love, Lara

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