Saturday, March 17, 2012

Over The Moon

Wedding planning leads to a sea of uncertainties. Will people like the food that I pick out? Will they dance to the music I play? Will the deodorant I buy work? It's really very scary when you think about it.

Luckily, you get permission to go on vacation afterwards. And ours is now BOOKED!

We are heading to Captiva Island on the Gulf Coast in Florida at the South Seas Plantation. :) Nothing sounds better than napping on some sand after the psychotic 6 months leading up to that week. Many thanks to the wonderful Deb Baker for offering her travel agent skills and planning and arranging this sweet trip for us on a pretty amazing budget. We are sleeping at $250 a night with one for free, for a whole week! For how beautiful and fancy it is, it is a pretty fabulous deal!

That's one thing off the list! Thanks, Darin, for being in charge of that. You did pretty darn good!!

Love, Lara

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