Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Life Is Crazy, Wear a Scarf

Hello, again. I can't wait to have more interesting things to share with people that are actually pertinent to the point of this blog, which involve getting married and jumping into a new stage of life in the Mitten. There are a lot of things that are underway to make this reality, but at this moment in time, it feels like there's nothing meaty to talk about!

I am almost a month away from graduation, which is insane. I am almost three months away from my wedding, which is also insane. Where did all this time go!? Really though, I am not feeling all that reminiscent at the moment. There may come a time when I look back at my senior year and my engagement and think, Oh, that was a special time in my life that I let fly by so quickly. I am saying to future Lara: too bad! I am ready for some big and fantastic things on the horizon and there is no looking back!

This is all coming from a girl who needs to study for an African History test and pick out her wedding flower arrangements; there is a special perspective. I hate to wish away any time of my life, but I am just saying I'm excited for what the future holds and trying to enjoy this busy time as much as possible.

Well, instead of something really important to discuss, I am posting my outfit today. Oh well.

Minus the fact that the earrings and scarf I have were purchased in Sarajevo, this is pretty much exactly what I had on today! I love all the little bits of color (and nail polish, in my opinion, is an important part of that). Almost any day of the week, you can find me in a tank top with a cardigan. They are the coziest cute clothes on earth, and you can't have enough. And New York & Co. jeans are now the only ones I wear. Darin asks all the time when we are together, "Hey! Did you get new pants?" because he knows I wear, like, 2 pairs of jeans ever. Disgusting? Your call.

Sometimes, the smaller pleasures in life -- including making sweet outfits for yourself to wear to all the crazy places you have to go -- are worth finding. :)

Love, Lara

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