Saturday, April 7, 2012

Another Boring Clothes Post... Or, So You Think

Excited for Easter tomorrow? I sure am! Although I had to buy myself my Easter candy this year --- chocolate-dipped Peeps, what divinities will they think of next? -- I am really pumped for my plans this year. I am going to church in the morning with a fine body of believers to celebrate Christ's resurrection together with worship and learning. Aletheia Tampa has such awesome, scriptural, and relevant teaching, and a great community to boot. I know they do Easter right!

Easter is one of the weirdest holidays for most of the world. A lot of people I know aren't really believers in the basic meaning of why we celebrate it, which is that Jesus died but rose again, conquering death and proving He is the Son of God, who is able to save us too from the grave and take us to be with the Father for eternity. But they sure freaked out at my brother and I for not going home for Easter! I guess they even have a lot of traditions, like a big ham lunch and such, but I guess our family did not make that a regular part of Easter; going to church was the main point. I do want to incorporate some traditions for my future family with Easter, especially hot cross buns. I do NOT know what they taste like but they sound good!

I didn't even mean to buy an Easter outfit this year, but it just happened. I found some amazing cherry red pumps at Target on sale for $8.99 yesterday, and today came across a beautiful white and navy blue dress at Ross for just $12.99 that would look great anytime. They make for a pretty fabulous combo, don't you think? ;)

Again, I could not for the life of me find the actual pieces I got, but they look an awful lot like this. The dress has more of a ripply wave effect but the same colors in the same pattern. I am thinking curling my hair vintage Hollywood-style to go with it! I think I will be rocking this look more than one day this year!

My hope for y'all is a day full of celebration with your families, dwelling on the real reason for Easter and letting the love shown on the cross sink into your heart as you pig out on those Robin Egg Whoppers, aka crispy nuggets of fairy kisses and angel music. I am nuts about those things.

Love, Lara

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