Saturday, April 21, 2012

Vent Sesh

Brief vent list, so that I let it out in a healthy-ish way and do not misdirect my frustration at people I love or anything like that:

1. What is the obsession with having 1 year of experience for every job listing on earth? I have dedicated my time in college to studying and doing homework, and volunteering abroad over the summer. That has been a lot harder than sitting at a desk for a year! Can I write that on my resume instead?
2. Why does Florida need Darin to come down 3 days early to get a marriage license because of a "waiting period," which 2 residents from Florida need but 2 visitors don't? (I emailed the Clerk of Courts asking about if 1 is a resident and 1 is not, and they said we have to wait 3 days.) Days off from work don't grow on trees, and I think it's fairly clear that if this is a long distance situation that it is not impulsive, or could be just as impulsive as people coming in from somewhere else. Urgh.
3. Why do apartment complexes lease you out till just mid-July, so that no one would ever want to sublease from you because the dates are so highly inconvenient and useless? Yes, it was my choice to get married around that time, making it difficult to move out at the exact date they say, but man that's a lame time for anyone to move out of somewhere, with school still about a month away and such. Everyone is couch surfing around that time. Stupid.

BOO! I am irritated!!!!

Love, Lara

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