Monday, March 19, 2012

Sweet Threads

One of my goals for my last year as a college student, approaching my first year as a real grown-up, is only buying clothes that I really like, and that mix and match with my other clothes, and that can be worn in settings more appropriate than walking around a college campus in Florida. That is a lot of goals for a huge aficionado of comfy tank tops and shorts. It is high time I only spend my money on pieces that can make an appearance in an office or in the mall.

I'm also really bad about buying things that look great but that I don't often feel like wearing. If a requirement for a shirt is feeling completely not bloated and thin and free, the odds are that it will only get worn once in a while, haha. I need to focus more on things that I am okay with being seen in no matter what kind of mood or physical state I am in.

Thus began the beginning of the purchase party of the century! For months now, I have been keeping my eye open for things going on sale that tend to be solid colors or tops that are fun and can be dressed up or down. I have many sweaters in neutral colors, tights that match the dresses I have, and shirts that go with the skirts I've had for a while, and jeans that I don't get tired of wearing. (Exclusively from New York & Company, as it turns out!)

Pinterest inspired me to want the color combination of navy blue and mustard yellow. And I now bring you... one of my favorite outfits!

I really do own all these clothes, although my mustard tights are originally from Target and the earrings were $1 at the Body Shop. But it's just so cozy! I've gotten a lot of compliments on the yellow tights -- they really are colorful without being too crazy and can go with a lot of things, if you dare. And I seriously can't figure out how I bought that nail polish, since apparently it isn't supposed to go on sale till April... I was at Ulta and there it was! Oh well. It is a great nude color for my olive skin tone, and I highly recommend it. :)

The act of putting together outfits on the computer really encourages me to dig through what I have and think of more ways I can get my money's worth with my current wardrobe, so you'll be seeing more of this soon!

Love, Lara

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