Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Living Better Now: Mexican Style!

Well, at least, this snack will be coming to the home of the future Clintons very soon! Especially while avocados are in season! :) They are seriously my favorite "vegetable" (?) that exists. Typical, considering how fatty and creamy and delicious it is. But it's a way healthier fat than most and was the God-intended way for us to have our silky hair and good skin. Yes, avocados! Thanks for everything you do!

I was craving guacamole but discovered when I came home that we did not have any tortilla chips. Bummer. Yet, there was something even better: regular flour tortillas!

I am becoming more and more a fan of making your own snack foods. You control what goes in and reduce some of the preservatives, fat, or other junk that sneaks its way into prepackaged food. Now, don't get me wrong. I only care to an extent. I cannot recreate the divinity of ranch Doritos, and thus eat them from their original source, which is Seven Eleven. However, I am trying to cut out more of this stuff when possible and go with making something fresh and tasty instead!

I used this recipe to make my own baked tortilla chips instead. Olive oil Pam worked fantastically, and I sprinkled a good bit of salt, fresh pepper, garlic powder, and some paprika for fun, and baked exactly as directed. The verdict is that they turned out super good!

Mobile device photo quality. But they browned and the edges curled up a little and they were definitely done! You'll notice they're a bit thicker and probably a tiny bit chewier than store-bought or restaurant tortilla chips. Those are usually fried, which makes them so delightfully crispy but quite a bit less healthy. And these were stinking good, so I'm not complaining.

I mashed up half an avocado with a squirt of lemon juice, a shake of salt and pepper, and a tiny bit of garlic again. Best lunch I've had in a while. I'll be doing it again!

Love, Lara


  1. Avacados are so expensive right now...otherwise I'd go out and buy me some and do this right now!!!

  2. They're actually rather cheap down here right now! Weird. When they do go on sale, buy a bunch, cut them in half, and freeze them :) At least, Pinterest told me once that that worked lol