Monday, June 4, 2012

Beauty School

Anyone who knows me really well knows this: in the past couple of years or so, I've finally taken to makeup. Really taken to it. It's weird imagining my sophomore year at USF just not bothering to put on anything but maybe a swipe of eyeliner and then heading out the door. Now I am guilty of spending at least 15 minutes crafting my look for the day with something for every part of my face. I can thank some friends who were good at makeup artistry and who knew a lot about good products for getting me into this habit. YES, FRIENDS, THANKS A WHOLE LOT.

I don't positively need it. I will survive stepping out to the grocery store or the gym without a speck of anything on my face and be fine. But it is now a necessity for social events and work, and things of that nature. I am now at that point where I really appreciate a good makeup routine for myself and a good set of products that make it happen.

I think makeup sort of gets a bad rap for "churchy" women. It is seen by many as pretty vain in some way, shape, or form; even though many wear it, there are some who really detest it and inwardly judge how much people wear or how much people spend on it. I know, I have thought those things before! And there is that fine line you have to respect where your personal boundaries go from simply looking nice and getting the best for your dollar, and going overboard and idolizing it. (Again, I have this issue, haha.) But I don't think any woman should look at makeup as a purely selfish, worldly thing! It really puts a polish on the natural beauty you already have and makes you look clean and prepared for the world, especially in a professional environment -- just like you'd wear the right clothes. If you aren't a fan, that's great! I just wish some people would get out of their comfort zone a little bit in this area.

Wow, who knew I had this big sermon ready to defend the goodness of cosmetics?

There are definitely some things that have made it so much easier to look like a well-groomed and confident person that I would recommend highly to anyone else:

1. Benefit Erase Paste: Miracle in a little pot, this is. It is the thickest, creamiest concealer in the history of the world. It does wonders for my genetic dark circles under my eyes, and some reddish scar spots on my face. It doesn't exactly set with powder the way you might expect, but I definitely put up with that and just avoid touching those spots for how much better Erase Paste works than others I have tried. Just use the little spatula and dab some on the back of your hand to warm it up, and I use my finger to pat it on to blend! IT IS THAT GREAT, I TELL YOU. :)

2. L'Oreal True Match Foundation: I grabbed this because my Target was being renovated and they marked it down to $4 to get rid of it, and then I had a coupon for $2 off. Can I get a HOLY COW!? That was one of my few bargain beast mode moments I've had, and I about swung off the hanging signs like a gorilla with joy and prowess. Anywho, it ended up being super great. It mixes well with moisturizer if you like to make a tinted version, and also just ends up so smooth with a sponge. This face looks pretty darn good with a nice dewy finish.

3. Urban Decay Naked Palette: Yeah, I apologize in advance for this. It is not a cheap piece of heavenly eyeshadow. It'll set you back $50, and it will probably be a decade before Urban Decay chooses to put it on sale. But there is a reason why. These colors are fabulous. They all look good with one another and make for millions of combos of everyday eye looks. Did I mention also that the formula is amazing? It is silky and delivers so much color for a tiny swipe, especially compared to a dookie Wet 'n Wild eyeshadow or something like that. So this stuff will also last you an awfully long time. I am a testament. I bought this last summer and haven't gotten close to the bottom of the pan on any color, and I use Toasted almost every day. (SO GORGEOUS.) That makes it a bit more worth it, right?? Ugh, I am too well trained by Sephora now.

4. Revlon Lip Butter: This is a little more budget friendly for all types. Revlon is your go-to lip brand, period, in my opinion. I like L'Oreal, too, but these are cheaper and honestly smell and taste better, which matters to me just a little. Their Lip Butter line is amazing! The colors are sheer-ish, so you can decide how dramatic you want to look, but they go on so smoothly and smell wonderful. I am a fan of Peach Parfait, personally. No matter what else you do with yourself, some nice smooth pretty lips make you look pretty spiffy to begin with!

You're well on your way to looking like a naturally beautiful chica if you go ahead and plunk down a few bucks for some nice products that last a very long time, as long as you take care of them. (Wash your makeup brushes regularly, close lights tightly, try repairing broken lipstick or eyeshadow, etc.) You'll look more effortless and buy less cheap makeup that you run through quickly!

I'll add the millions of other things I like another time... ;)

Love, Lara

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